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Up to 2 dogs and/or cats = always free
901A  - Largest Apartment   $1995

We accept:  Paypal, company check, credit cards.

Easy in and out based on your need. 

All prices USD.. Security deposit varies with length of stay. and payable in advance of occupancy.

FICO score 680 or above.

901A Living area with south facing windows/doors
901A Large kitchen/eating area
901A Large kitchen/eating area
901A large bathroom with rain shower plus a tub shoer combination
901A king bed and two closets

In both units!​

  • Each has a fireplace.

  • Each has a bathroom with shower.

  • Each has a tub.

  • Each has a king bed, microwave, undercounter refrigerator, coffeepot, as a minimum.  901A has a full kitchen.

  • Each is furnished with dishes, cutlery, cooking utensils, and linens (towels and sheets)

  • Each is comfortably furnished, fully air conditioned and heated.

  • Each has streaming TV service, Wi-Fi, Internet service,.

  • Each has a washing machine and dryer.


901 A,B,G exterior
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